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          keeping safe with covid-19, in a haphazard list, followed by some drama recommendations, and if you have feedback email me. please.

          April 12th, 2020

          we are sending coffee locally and shipping across the states.

          How are we keeping your product safe-
          It starts at home. clean clothing gets put on after washing hands up to elbows for a minute or more in burning water with a lot of soap and a scrubber. after that nothing touches the hands that has not been soaked in ammonia for ten minutes in a 500 ppm solution. I dont touch shoes, or any parts. the phones and glasses get soaked in 99.5 percent alcohol for ten minutes, and all the clothing i start with is fresh and cleaned in a machine with bleach in a proper dilutions and then a rinse in super hot water, then in a dryer on high heat.

          when i get to work i wash hands once, then change clothing- careful, then wash again- and both times up to elbows. no touching outside of driving gloves, outside of mask, door handles with bare hands and then into the shop phones, glasses, gets changed again.

          no coughing, no touching face or ears,

          now- when i deliver into stores i wear lab goggles and an n95 mask- from november. when i get home i strip, wash, and shower, then rinse off contact surfaces with multi ammonium sanitizer.

          so- lets get to the fun part.

          recommendations for drama.

          The best feel good- food drama-
          Shinya Shokudo- or Midnight Diner- available on Netflicks- but the japanese issue is better.
          Manhatten Love Story- japanese- a coffee drama- love it.

          my sophomore japanese drama-
          hana yori dango- japanese- the first drama i watched with sakiko
          kita no konikara- very beautiful.

          i have a bunch- but lets cut to zombi dramas-
          hero- japanese- kind of nice.

          then lets go american- armegedon.

          i have so many more.

          but this is a lighthearted response. please dont go outside- please stay safe- please practice being ten feet away.

          lets talk about the roastery

          April 10th, 2020


          Before the pandemic we were working on a new organizing system for our tools. now its just so hard to do anything.

          we are taking this more than serious. I feel a little guilty about bringing the staff together on March 15, but proud that they wanted to close the shop for a while.

          I heard one of my landlords bought a Bidet- they said before the crises.

          i would say- garden hose. yesterday i took my daughter to the bathtub.

          My immediate opinion is- do you have a garden hose?

          for everyone- be safe.

          we really do want to imagine a future where you will all be shoulder to shoulder again at the coffee shop, a future,

          be strong
          joel courier

          full moon coffee delivery

          April 6th, 2020

          what could go wrong-

          Today really does take me back to when i delivered newspapers, ive got the chemical brothers, and mos def talib kwali blackstar in the car. got the extra key pinned in my pants. deliver and run.

          Again- Courier Phone is down. best to email Couriercoffeeportland@gmail.com

          id like to keep things on monday delivery only- but know i will be out there on thursday.

          shipping coming !

          be safe, and be well. joel courier

          Coffee Delivery + Plan for Coffee shop+ Courier Cell number inactive

          April 4th, 2020

          Check the post below this one- to see how you can get coffee delivered, and eggs too!

          Wanted to reach out to the art community- specifically about installation pieces-

          Since our coffee shop sits empty- I was going to offer is up and see if anyone could make a neat display. in exchange you would get to show your work, and free promotion. At the very least i was thinking of making lifesize cardboard cutouts of our former staff, and regulars, and placing them in the shop. any ideas? perhaps a giant shark tank? The shop sits still, but it could still be art.

          THATS IT FOR THE COURIER PHONE- Email at Couriercoffeeportland@gmail.com
          I cant see the screen, but i can tell im missing calls or texts. I really really want another waterproof flip phone- problem is they dont really exist anymore. cant tell you the times im standing in the rain and messaging, or texting and not looking at my phone with gloves on. during this time when im on delivery a waterproof phone is key, and having two phones is key. separating my home life with my work life. a small phone with buttons, that will take the courier phone number. currently i hold 6 different plans for phone and internet. i took the battery out of the phone, so hope you text- and it bounces back, my voicemail is set up to direct people to email courier. in a last ditch effort to get the screen back i gently tore the phone apart, and notices corrosion on the ribbon cable near the hinge, broken cable? willing to take it in to a repair store but they are all closed sunday. bummer is ive lost all my contacts until i can get to a store. so ive lost most of your numbers i think. I WILL GET ANOTHER PHONE WITH THE SAME NUMBER SOON ENOUGH, geez. as if life wasnt stressed. be well- joel ccr

          Coffee Delivery Plan, Perhaps Egg Plan, Grocery Store Plan, Website and shipping

          April 3rd, 2020

          EMAIL: COURIERCOFFEEPORTLAND@GMAIL.COM for all coffee questions.

          If you are reasonably inside Portland, then most likely i can deliver on Monday to your home.
          Coffee prices for all are:
          227g (.5lb)- $10
          347.5g (.75lb)-$15 — this is the classic size grocery stores sell at, except for Coava, and Sterling.
          454g (1lb)-$20

          For many of my longtime home delivery accounts, their prices have been cheaper- i will individually let you know, but know that this was the price at our shop when we closed, grocery stores are cheaper for sure, but i will be increasing rates soon.

          Delivery is free, but know I pay .30 cents per transaction, and 2.7% per- unless you have AMEX or a rewards card then maybe 3.5%. through PAYPAL- at COURIERCOFFEEPORTLAND@GMAIL.COM.

          I personally need to take stock of orders, arrange the roasting, and think about delivery routes, see if it can be done, and if it can be i will confirm, then send a paypal invoice which you can pay.

          HOW TO ORDER-
          Need the Address-
          need to know how much, of what, whole bean or ground
          Where do i leave the coffee- should i hide it, knock, ring, yell, text, or email
          upon delivery i will email or something confirming that yes its there.
          after that point i will move paypal money to my bank account.

          Okay- Talk- so i get ten dozen eggs every week delivered to me for making Canele- the eggs are awesome- they are pasture raised without pesticides, in Centralia Washington, and i purchase them through this guy Herman- through Obrist Family farm. I pay 7 dollars a dozen, as i have been for years. This is what makes our cookies, muffins, and canele great. I am willing to bring eggs with coffee with a weekly subscription, and would charge 7.7 a dozen- a ten percent mark up. if you are interested email.

          Market of Choice – doing a great job protecting their staff- I drop off Thursday- hits the shelves at Cedar Mills maybe Friday, and Belmont Thursday after 1pm.

          Food Front- i will start to deliver Monday- on the shelves Tuesday morning for sure.

          La Bouffe- random- they call when they are out, then i bring- but i hope to also deliver to them on mondays in the future.


          its kind of impossible to roast, deliver, wash your hands a million times, be stressed and then design a website in 5 minutes. progress is that i have paypal, ive started a test with shopify, and hopefully soon you will see all this running.

          everytime you email me im taking names, and emails, and i hope to start distributing soon all over, then the hard part is local- while i will take on the local deliveries myself, once i hit some critical mass im planning to contract deliveries with first choice going to the people at the roastery, but id also like to work with CSA’s- everything would be contract for the moment- but this entire deal is changing every day.

          for the moment be well, be safe, and enjoy what you have- be it one roll of toilet paper, or anything that brings joy.

          all the best joel courier

          The Security of your delivery

          March 30th, 2020

          trust no one.

          I have been the only person in the room since March 16th, i wear a p100 mask (better than n95) and goggles at the store, yes i plan to use the same cartridges for a long while, and the mask does get washed in a multi- ammonium solution not the cartridges though.

          i have store clothing. clothing for my car, and clothing for the roastery, as well as packing on an all copper bar. i also have gloves for inside the car, gloves for delivery, and gloves for the store. when i get home i strip down, shower, then sanitize my phones and glasses. overboard- maybe.

          if anyone leaves a check or money i dont touch that with my hands.

          im afraid of breathing next to you. I am being mindful of every step i take. And again- if i remotely feel sick i will shut down and let you know. actually working to document all people that i deliver to-.

          your coffee is roasted by me- in a room with only myself, and handled by myself. i do not touch doorways, i wash up to my elbows when packing although only my wrists go in, but i am taking full concern. that being said

          that being said-

          use something to open the bags of coffee,
          transfer it when received and recycle the package,

          the inside is good but lets be safe.

          and when i start mailing coffee- dont touch the box- open and be safe,

          if we all work together than this could be better.


          Now accepting Paypal

          March 30th, 2020

          I guess businesses must use Paypal, and not Venmo, Venmo is supposedly for friends, and Paypal business. im unsure if people can send money to me without me first sending an invoice. This is day one of me logging into Paypal.

          COURIERCOFFEEPORTLAND@GMAIL.COM is the contact for all orders, and also linked to the Paypal. I do have a Venmo account as well,

          I need to roast a little for a grocery store today. Please if you want to walk in email me ahead. i did promise a handful of deliveries today. i would like to dedicate the bulk of time to figuring out shipping, and switching the website to online sales. Normally we are roasting every day, but im going to need a few days to gather myself and discover the new process. Thank you for understanding. and stay tuned.

          if you know that you owe me money for goods, and you send it via Paypal- make sure you include identifiers- like- the address i delivered to, name, and perhaps phone as well. All the Milk i gave away should be free- eggs 7.70 a dozen (i paid 7 a dozen for them, and despite any label they are fresh). Thank you so much best joel courier

          be safe stay home- ten foot distance, and read up on PPE.

          March 28th, 2020

          Delivering to grocery stores, i wear as much PPE as i can.

          i wear long sleeve cotton, cotton pants (which bond like crazy to organic material like germs), rubberized gloves with a nitrale coating, that are soaked in sanitizer every night (using test strips, in the amount needed to keep blood born pathogens dead) and ive got three sets- one for the car, one for external and one for all else.

          i am practicing proper PPE protection, and no cross contamination. nothing i touch touches something else.

          I am not a doctor, or health professional, and you should not trust me at all, but im very good at what i do. I take a lot of pride in what i do as an ocd person.

          so – lets say you
          buy some coffee from us- and you have concerns – i will walk you through it. im not qualified as a health professional, but feel comfortable warning you or anyone about concerns from buying coffee from a store. or from myself.

          in this time your worry is not just a worry- its a way to make both you and your family stronger.

          Be brave, and be strong.

          please practice distance ten feet from other people. and be brave. anyone.

          i have no fear being here for anyone.

          although i have a deep worry-

          email couriercoffeeportland@gmail,com

          drove the loop today

          March 26th, 2020

          After careful planning, i drove a loop around the city.

          This reminded me of when i used to do newspaper delivery (in the same stick shift 1993 Toyota Corrolla). Newspaper delivery drove me to three things-

          1) switching the radio to a CD player
          2) upgrading the CD player with a cable to run my minidisc player
          3) promising myself that i would never deliver by car again.

          And here we are.

          Other eventful things- first time ever getting bitten by a dog on my route today. the little guy bit me six times. the dog was pretty cute though, and i think it did not break skin. happy end to the story the dog made it back inside. coffee prices will now include hazard fee. hahaha.

          everyone on my route today did a great job with social distancing, wow you guys are winners. some of you live pretty far out there. being born in the city, and not using google maps- today was a challenge with the added people. n and ne portland are always a bit odd for me, but i can get by, today was a test. (im a SE portland person, but can still navigate).

          actually thinking back to drivers education at Grant Highschool- my instructor would tell me to go to the airport, or head to lake oswego without any direction. just say- just head to where you think it is. wonder what happened to that person. he was a lot of things but had a passion for parallel parking, and also instructed me how to back up at full speed and brake and spin then go, all with a stick shift. what a gem.

          hang in there. if there is some special help you need, or if you are bored- well i have a family, but i will be checking my email, while it would be great to make money, we are all in this together.

          I drove a loop today in hopes i wont have to for next week.

          accounts- email couriercoffeeportland@gmail.com

          basically since i overstocked most everyone- sent me an email.

          hang on- and love from courier.
          best joel

          Thank god its raining- this is the time if ever for you to go on that excercise walk and get outside if you are not shelter in place

          March 23rd, 2020


          Rain or water molecules will bond to organic matter and take that matter with it- to the ground. a lighter rain would be fine. this is the perfect time to go for a run if you are not in a Shelter in Place area.

          Rain is also the perfect time to break into a car or business as it muffles the sound of glass shattering.

          Rain could also make people not want to go outside- which is also great.

          Also since many have just started planting rain will help make the seeds grow, and save farmers, and households money for water. Just as we all hope the sunny and hot days will boost our health, and sunrays create a bad environment for germs.

          But remember- water is a carrier- it bonds to whatever- good or bad.

          full dry hands after an over 30 second handwashing, wet hands will bond, and then transmit bacteria. Means wet hands on a dirty surface will bond, pick up and transfer to the next. wet hands on your face then on an item.

          Today- its raining. tomorrow i hope so as well.
          best joel courier