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          Roastery/ workshop/ wholesale

          Located at 4019 SE Hawthorne both behind and below the house (basically off the parking lot of the Thai/Vietnamese restaurant ThanThao.

          We come to fire up the roaster, to pack coffee into recycleable bags/ mason jars/ reusable tubs. Then we bike coffee to accounts which include restaurants, front porches, bars, offices (it could be your porch). Coffee arrives green in 132-150 pound burlap bags normally. These we keep below the house where its cool dry and dark (mostly dry). Coffee for us is a fresh product with a greeny vibrancy that does not keep that long. Different coffees age differently in their seed form, but it is important to roast them while they are still new. The coffees in season always vary, and most of us in Portland buy seasonally.

          We roast in a 25 pound steel drum San Franciscan, with an attached incinerator (afterburner). While the house on our address tag is a little shabby externally, the interior is a gem. Our main delivery bike is a long john style frame made by CAT in Eugene Oregon, with a custom aluminum front bed. The rated capacity of the front area is 200 pounds. When we bring equipment to clients, tools to do work, large amounts of coffee we use our big bike.

          We started roasting about eight years. We are doing this because its fun, challenging, and coffee is awesome.