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          gold coffee filters used at our bar

          We wanted to serve coffee fresh. At our bar we make coffee to order using KF-4 23K Swissgold filters. These are thin sheets of steel perforated with tiny precise holes and plated with 23 karat gold. What we like about them is that they are reusable and totally nonreactive with the coffee oils. Gold is the most nonreactive metal and does not want to carry a charge either positive or negative. With a simple rinse of water almost all of the oils are removed and flavors do not translate from brew to brew (even with totally different coffees). A reusable filter also cuts down on waste. At home we have tested a filter brewing daily for three years without any of the gold coming off (thats three years of paper filters). The shape of the KF-4 is also pretty critical as it rests in a cup, without the need for a holder.

          Drip pour over with a gold filter lets through more sediment than paper or cloth (without the paper taste), but yet is cleaner than french press. we like it.


          The number one thing is coffee and water. And by coffee and water we mean tasty coffee, roasted in the last week and kept at room temp in an absolutely odorless vessel, and ground just before making. Water should taste awesome cold and by awesome we mean not plastically, or like rust, or later like the soap or mildew that was still in the vessel. Many overlook the soap residue, or the notoriously bad smelling silicon seals on the travel cups, or rancid coffee oil. The coffee at our bar should be awesome, but it should be better at your home, actually there is no reason not to be making wonderful coffee at your homes- we believe in you.