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          our predawn scratch bakery

          The Cookies, Muffins and Savory items roll out of our oven each morning. Housemade Granola, Muesli, and granola bars are made every few days. Come at 7am and your muffins will be warm right out of the oven. Our ingredients we pick up at the Farmers Markets, Chocolate from Cacao (right up the street), Bread for sandwiches from Pearl Bakery, grains and seeds from Bobs Redmill, flour from Shepherds grain, and other things through Glory Bee Organics. All of our baking occurs before opening (hopefully), so it is a rare occasion that you will see flour spilled everywhere, and us rolling out dough and balling cookies. We bake only what we need for each day (and really our goal is to run out of things in the morning because pastry really is better fresh).