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          where to find wholebean on weekend

          Food Fight Grocery on 12th and Stark (Thurs deliv)- paper lined paper packaging from n american pulp mills

          Food Front nw.

          Market of Choice in Burlingame (Thursday deliv)- glass mason bottle deposit

          Jade Teahouse (Thursday deliv)- half pounds for 8 in paper lined packaging

          BrassTacks (Tuesday)- Half pounds for nine dollars

          NOTE ON FRESHNESS- every unit for sale is marked on front with roast date. The coffee is best had within seven days of roast. Two weeks tops. This is not wine, or beer. The coffee is going downhill whether the bag is opened or not. You want to buy a coffee that is playing out its life in your kitchen, not on a shelf. We have chosen to package in materials that are made of paper and glass. Plastic is killing the earth, as well as packaging material. umm.. Please check the roast date and get it fresh.