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          Coffee Bar M-F 7-6. Weekends 9-5

          Opened August 2010 at 923 sw oak. Although we have been roasting for eight years this is our first spot. Drinks made to order, and of course we roast the coffee, so everything is available by the pound. We also bake from scratch each morning and have a dedicated baker for both savory and sweet items (tucked under part of the back bar there is a half sheet convection oven).

          Cold brew coffee totally available for sale.

          All coffees we brew and serve have a name, and a place they come from. It is important for us not to hide the origin of the coffees through blending, or made up names. Any coffee at our bar may be made as a drip coffee, including decaf. Making coffee to order means there is no sitting time, and since we have no lines the drink waiting time is usually short.

          Courier’s bar is a dedicated crew of 6 people. The bar itself was made by Agustin Enriquez with help from his uncle at the Joinery. We want ordering coffee to be more like ordering wine, or eating at a nice restaurant. We also would like to put more care and attention into every drink. Housemade vanilla syrup, housemade ice cubes, Felchlin chocolate in our Mochas. Tea from Foxfire on 12th and Division. Fresh ingredients from the Farmers Market, grains from Bobs Redmill, and always organic wherever possible. Although the coffee scene in Portland is like no other, we still think that it could be more than it is. This is why we opened our bar.