amazing. andrew has connected the wordpress to shopify

reminder to order by email***********
** order before sunday- get local delivery monday, or tue morning if im way behind.
**** you can pick up monday or tuesday or thursday from hawthorne- just coordinate with us.

so…… our new “landing” page for the site is shopify. The link to the wordpress account- stored on Andrew’s server somewhere in the world- works. you can see our coffees if you scroll but you cannot purchase….. hurray!

I cannot handle facebook, or twitter, and i can barely handle my personal instagram. (who has time to take photos). i go through times where i want to document things, but many times when i do not.

***COFFEE SHOP 923 sw Oak. – is currently, and will be on pause. its pretty much gutted, and waiting for the cure. Downtown (if you have not been lately) is a ghost town. we still have one regular who comes daily- his name is arthur, and he leaves us notes, he probably never reads the blog. We are saving money by shutting down the freezer, water heater, espresso machine. Im paying a guy who lives on the street a little money on the side to look after our place. we really rely on the tourists flying in from all over, we need the people who go to powells, we need the hotel guests, and we need all of our neighbors to go back to how they were…. not happening. we will stick to coffee beans and will do our best to roast them awesome.

**** Roastery- I really do not like working alone- but due to covid-19 no one except myself has been inside the roastery. I miss getting other peoples opinions on the roast, and tasting other peoples roast. i also have an allergy that comes in the spring and fall where i lose parts of my taste. scary. even without taste and smell i can work by eye, and feel. but its difficult. every roast that happens i am second guessing myself. also because we lost most of our clients orders we have had to become strict on how much to roast.

**** Covid-19 Scare. I tested negative last week for the virus.
A little shocking. For 30 hours i waited for the results of the test. spent the night in a car, had food delivered ( my first food delivery order in ten years). its hard to get sick when you are never around people. the test was not bad, i did a drive up, it felt wierd and made me want to cough, but zero pain. for those reading in another country- negative means no virus. ive felt great ever since. but i was a little shaken, and certainly worried. from the moment i thought i had it coffee was stopped, no roasting, no packing, and then i resumed operations when i got the results and also felt better.

please everyone be well, and wash some of the handwashing videos on scrubhub. ive heard what some have to say about wearing a mask. its a good image. my policy is to wear masks inside buildings, but not in the open air. its also my policy to ask people to keep away when they are getting too close, if i cannot back away (10 feet is my boundary). wearing masks just to wear a mask in the middle of a field.. no. and there is no way i can roast coffee with a mask. i need to smell the coffee. gloves would certainly melt in the heat. but what we do is use a brush to clean under nails, between fingers, and up to the elbows before starting work. coffee is packed on a copper bar, and we are just blowing through surface sanitizer at this time. you may say its too much, that is ok. lets all think about others. I dont believe we can get sick by being outside, but certainly passing others airspace, or touching something like money and rubbing eyes.

please please be really safe.
best joel

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