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          fantastic news, and better news, bleach boys

          Orders: couriercoffeeportland@gmail.com

          half pound $10
          3/4Lb $15 (grocery store size)
          1lb $20

          shepherds grain low gluten flour 5lb $6
          wholesome sweeteners organic vegan cane sugar $1.6 per lb
          pasture raised eggs from Centralia WA. 7.70 a dozen. (limited)

          Vanilla beans 5 dollars for one bean- a fantastic price considering i spent 4.85 per bean, and yes- after the hurricane decimated the plants- whole beans have been rare. and yes courier coffee in january- was going through 2-3 beans a day with its vanilla syrup, canele and baked good. we also spent 7 dollars for a dozen local eggs, and ridiculous amounts on chocolate. storing the vanilla at cellar temp in a glass mason jar.

          Now- for the best news- could be the new website will be up today- it wont be great, but it will work i hope.

          fantastic news- after i lost the phone and working to wait on the new iphone se 2020, Verizon has picked up a new model of Kyoceras bomb-proof flip phone. I am more than looking forward to it. although in the apocalypse i was hoping for a phone with satelite capabilities, or hamm radio. the sonim seemed ok but also a total failure.

          a phone with t-9 keys, that will work conductively through headphones and hardhats, and with a battery life of 2 weeks, and with better reception than another on the same network. and that wont pocket dial ever. and that you can drop, throw at a burglar, and sanitizer like crazy. only bad point its not international- which would be amazing. it could be but verizon is made up of jerks. it works on many international bands, but verizon makes you swap the sim and change numbers. thats the cool point about the new iphone, but its fragile, kyocera texting you can only get a hundred messages- and i load up on messages like nobody else.


          since the new site will work today i hope ill leave the list of coffees there. wear a mask- or have it super ready for the cool coughing game being played out with the kids in eastmoreland, in front of the shop downtown, and this morning the regular panhandlers across the street from the roaster.

          best- joel- listen to futurist trump supporters of death, following are song lyrics. while we are all locked up at home lets think about how crucial education is, and that even wealthy people raise their children in this time of crises to hold parties, and cough on others for fun. My school raised kids with the attitude “boys will be boys.”
          BUUUT..im hoping we can reopen the coffee shop, and have meaningful interactions that demonstrate silently what it is to care for others. remember the following lyrics actually are sarcastic. dont drink bleach.

          “Bleach Boys”
          By The Dead Milkmen
          From Beelzebubba
          (c) 1988
          I’ve got some buddies and we all drink bleach
          You know we practice what we preach
          We’re not a drunken bunch of frat boys drunk on beer
          Or a stoned bunch of hippies with no careers
          I wanna drink bleach with a Georgia Peach
          My pals and I all drink Clorox
          Or eat Snowy right out of the box
          Teenage suicide rate shot high and we
          Understand the reason why
          Bleach does more than whiten socks
          Don’t you wanna hang out with the bleach boys baby
          In a land where ministers murder golf pros?
          Don’t you wanna drink some bleach tonight?
          Maybe there’ll be a party at the beach
          We’ll bitch about life and chug-a-lug bleach
          No ones getting high and no one’s getting drunk
          We got a case off bleach stashed in the trunk.

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