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          work opportunity for a strong person

          Hello Portland,

          my friend ken is looking for someone who can do some heavy lifting, inside his warehouse. This would be just a few days of work at 20 an hour, in Kenton neighborhood.

          I wouldnt want anyone to help who is taking distancing lightly. Because you would be in an enclosed space working closely with ken.

          ken has a machine shop with some very very cool heavy pieces of machinery. contact the courier email and ill connect. preferably someone who is familiar with tools, and with work place safety, and someone who wont put ken at risk.

          Personally i would prefer to do it myself, but ken wants someone who needs money, so that he can help others in this time. some of you may remember that a couple years back our family helped move him out of a huge warehouse space.

          you would need your own mask, and i would highly recomend some grippy gloves as they aid.

          also remember- dont drink bleach- save a life.


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