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          whenever i write these posts, also dont shoot up bleach

          I have the habit of resting the back of my hand on my forehead, which would be ok if i was at home, but at work its frustrating. because then i must was my hands.

          I also like to write random thoughts on the wordpress. now i guess more than ever- normally i get to talk with customers.

          if you read this post at all, and you vote for Trump- you will not get a personal judgement from myself. I would like to maintain Courier as a neutral zone- one where we can come together to discuss, as long as you dont fall asleep in the bathroom, or steal the tip jar, or wash your hair for 20 minutes in our only bathroom., or leave blood splatter and an uncapped syringe.

          I definitely have my own political view.

          there is a song by the Dead Milkmen that comes to mind-
          Bleach Boys- which i guess Donald Trump may have listened too.
          and yes- its ironic- but i do have a case of bleach in my trunk.

          you could be pro trump or not.

          and if my blog can save one life- i will do it.
          dont drink or shoot up bleach. but perhaps you should swallow a uv light if you get sick-

          kidding- dont do that-
          drink some coffee and calm down.
          dont drink bleach
          drink coffee.

          neither of them will save you- both have the same molecular structure of poison, but you can drink one all the time and not die.

          stay strong, dont drink the bleach. save lives.
          joel courier

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