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          new economy- and i was very surprised to find more than ten people read this blog

          I imagine writing the blog is like leaving voicemails on your ex-girlfriends number, and never getting called back.

          Some of you, many of you, are looking forward to the future. sweet. Some are worried, some not, fine.

          It may come as a shock, but your trump dreams of going back to work in two weeks, and your current elation on getting unemployment- Those are good things. But if going back to work means someone will die, can we tighter our belts?

          I will propose something- something that may take more hold in the future. It wont be too radical, but perhaps needed, and probably pretty faulted. and you are welcome to reach out to couriercoffeeportland@gmail.com

          The virus is not over.

          44 thousand in America have died from Covid. as of today. according to google.
          147 thousand in the world have died, as of today according to google.
          im guessing only another 300 thousand will die- (no basis for that number- but just like donald trump- gut feeling- if you ask me in a week i may have forgotten this post, and will have deleted it).

          Let me share with you a time honored story, boiling a frog in water. ive seen it happen a few times in videos. i feel like that could be what is happening. sure people die, some die because they are in conflict, some just need to go to the grocery store.

          CRAZY IDEA-

          look- craigslist is awesome. but it seems like Next Door- as annoying as it is – is helping.
          i think a future of trade will occur without money- thats my guess.

          here is what i have to offer-
          one of my ex-staff makes Kombucha-
          I have a 15 gallon stil- compound fractional without packing.
          i get ten dozen eggs a week..,,, and i may be able to get you chickens.
          flour- 400 pounds
          sugar 300 pounds
          vanilla bean-

          im working on creating a better list- but im not trying to sell myself.

          things i need- glass or sheets of clear material for plant starters- making a greenhouse.
          plant starters (i dont have a green thumb).

          and as always i really need your records- 12 inch of 7. no 78s right now.

          one roll of toilet paper per record is the rule of thumb. HAHA

          for the ten people actually reading this-

          but i really do imagine not having money, and us trading. I personally believe thats very real.

          if you have read all of this then remember to stay far far away from other people. make coffee at home, and if you really need to go to the coffee shop- dont- i will make you a coffee on zoom-


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