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          A Day Late

          Today i will hand label a hundred units of coffee- which is totally normal.

          The time things take is really amazing. Im a day late with my Market of Choice, and Food Front deliveries. We have three new coffees, and the names are very long. If i could just make up names like other roasters… If i had my labels printed… but that would use plastic.

          Perhaps this is the time to get a small letterpress machine. !

          On another note- Multnomah County Health Department just sent their newsletter Q & A, to my email yesterday. In it someone asked- if my employee tests positive for Covid-19, must i send those who were in close contact home, or let them keep making food. The answer- you guessed it- you dont need to send them home. I was a little shocked personally so i reached out to the health department, and they passed the buck and said- we defer to higher ups, and clarified that yes, and that only send workers home when they get sick, you do not need to send non-sick workers home. Then I wrote Kate Brown through the Oregon website- strangely there is no way to contact Kate Brown without selecting one of two genders…. Then i thought to myself- what? why? Yesterday was unlucky for me.

          ok- here we go- hand labeling a hundred units of coffee. – stay strong

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