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          re- starting my weekly hospital delivery, and about couriers huge success recovering data from the phone

          Again- the courier phone is literally in pieces-
          email- couriercoffeeportland@gmail.com

          Im pretty sure taking the phone apart was a great idea. The bright spot of yesterday was being able to get my contact list through the verizon website. Then i used my international phone to check up on Arthur Springer- espresso machine fixing legend. while i only got a voicemail, i sort of pranked him by telling him i had left a broken three group espresso machine in his front yard- before saying it was a joke. despite the world happenings i believe he still has 5 machines to fix.

          The new online sales website is progressing, although its not up. i have shopify and stamps.com recommended by sterling coffee roasters (buy their coffee too!). there will probably be a learning curve with mailing as well. really not excited about digital as you can tell from our flashy wordpress. cant even change the header from its blue color anymore.

          couriers digital future has now two options- waiting for an iphone 9 be released and running two numbers on one phone, or, getting a pager. if they had a military pager then i guess im in. Doctors have pagers, so why cant Courier get them.

          Anyway- three new coffees arrived on Tuesday- will be roasting them and tasting them after production, and letting everyone know here… until our new flashy website occurs.

          Heading to the hospital to deliver coffee now- cool thing is i get met by medical staff before i make delivery and they temperature check me all suited up. also access points are all different and im afraid of elevators. you can bet im handing that coffee more carefully than anything. its taken me a few weeks to build up my confidence to restart. lab goggles, p100 half mask, shoes dont come back to work- fresh gloves after. rinse, wash, sanitize.

          if your reading this entry and you work at a phone store and can get me a brand new kyocera dura xv flip phone to activate on my number give me an email. or a really sick pager.

          otherwise be well.
          best j

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