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          Archive for February, 2020

          room of parts, pressure grows to paint, getting better at sweating together copper pipes, and new crank arms on the cargo bike.

          Wednesday, February 26th, 2020

          Episodes at the shop this last month-

          1).Getting to know the person who constantly attempts to use our bathroom, and steal our tips, and has successfully stolen an iphone from a past staff member. (She doesnt wash her hands either!). She is very fast. The staff has responded by increasing from one tip jar to two, but i have not asked the reason.

          2).Losing internet for a morning, and not being able to run cards, always traumatic.

          3).First blood orange yogurt oat muffins of the year, citrus season aftermath.

          4).New coffees on bar, and our first coffee ever from Ecuador.

          5). time to change water filters and o-rings, and shutoff gaskets, always fun.

          Things happening in the world- Coronavirus. The only thing we can ask for people to do, please wash your hands really well. We know its not ‘here’ yet, but lets be mindful, in the world, and in the coffee shop. Im really not sure what measures we would take, but i am taking flu serious this year. i think there will be more discussion of this in the weeks to come. We certainly want people to be well.

          Various other news, our time draws short to repaint- we will be randomly be closed for a day i think. Today I spent helping a past staff member and friend move their water heater to another floor, and help sweat (connect) new copper connections into the existing water line, most fun ive had, since the magic of installing courier’s toilet. We also cut out a stripped off bottom bracket on the cargo bike this month and moved from square taper to hollow with outboard bearings. We had to get new crank arms, and kept the chain ratio, but shorted the length of the arms by 5mm. Shorting the crankarms is something ive been wanting a long long time. also because of all the maintenance parts are just lined up on the bar now. too many parts.