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          Archive for November, 2019

          fresh paint. new hours. wine. shopping advice

          Saturday, November 30th, 2019

          Painted the bathroom over the weekend, with help from friends, and customers and past staff. we also sanded and resealed the shelf on the backbar with food grade mineral oil, before attempting to tackle the 9 coats of paint and shellac on the front door trim- failed on the last bit.

          Im having a hard time changing the wordpress main page- but we now close at 5pm all week long. open the same.

          Able Farm will soon be officially serving wine at our space after hours on certain days. we are filling out the paperwork now for the Oregon Liquor and Control Commission. This will take some time- so we hope after the new year. There will be wine and food- our bar is perfect for this.

          as you look forward to holidays, and a soon new year, please let our space be a moment of calm.

          and if i can offer last moment shopping advice- i always buy people things from the hardware store- who doesnt love masking tape, magnets, or a new screw driver. just make sure its quality,

          finally- we will be closed christmas day, and new years day. and we may even close the day after new years day. but we will be open new years eve. best joel