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          Archive for October, 2019

          grainpro for a bike bag? and about green coffee packaging

          Friday, October 18th, 2019

          Years ago we attempted to buy coffee in bags that did not contain plastic. But now all industry has shifted, and we have little choice. The farmers, shippers, and brokers, and, well, most roasters prefer plastic. As plastic entered the market it made sense. Roasters would tell you the coffee has a better taste, and everyone agrees that it can protect coffee from rain, humidity changes, and contamination. Coffee itself is breathing in a way, green unroasted coffee seeds contain trapped moisture, oils, proteins and sugars. Coffee produces (off gases) carbon dioxide, and the moisture between each seed as they lay nestled together mixes and swaps, eventually evening out. Plastic can keep things fresh, and flavors from degrading, increasing shelf life, and protecting from damage due to outside elements.

          First coffee is put into a plastic “GrainPro” bag, and then inside a burlap, or jute, or other kind of fabric bag. Burlap bags have many other uses, and many people want to re-purpose them. GrainPro is a very thick plastic, think of a super industrial garbage bag. The bags are huge, way bigger than a household garbage can, and so thick it just does not seem suitable.

          These bags are great for using on our delivery runs to keep our coffee dry, and our bags dry, and one bag could last a year getting re-used over and over. They are not really single use because they are so tough and thick. if anyone needs a nice bag for the winter or has a plan let us know. we have been storing all the grainpro for years and now have quite a large amount.


          Thursday, October 17th, 2019

          when it rains it pours.

          the full moon.

          “nick” at sizzle pie pizza has a thing about virgos.

          im a virgo.

          that is all