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          Archive for August, 2019

          motorcycles in bike lanes

          Thursday, August 15th, 2019


          an interesting day, where a motorcycle in a bike lane starting yelling at me. I was on the cargo bike carrying 100 pounds of load, in addition to the 80 pound bike. i believe his exact words were- ” get off the bike and i will fuck you up.”

          I was heading south on 10th avenue and he was coming up Sandy. the cars were stopped, but i guess i should have thought- no- motorcycles are in the bike lane.

          i yelled for help, and all the drivers looked away and left the scene, and i asked people to video the driver.


          i got off my bike, and told him- ok, but the coward fled.

          i hope this guy understands that, first of all, dont threaten, and second, if you say it follow through.

          perhaps the most important thing-
          dont run your motorcycle in the bike lane.