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          Archive for July, 2019

          Sunday, July 21st, 2019

          update- dont want to give them too much credit- but 21 days later and 6 visits by comcast we still dont have internet with them.

          perhaps you should put your money in bottle, and just address it to us.

          We had our first wildfire smoke of the season Saturday, and you bet we have filters for our air intake, and respirators on hand. Only a few noticed i think, but smoke and biking is pretty serious stuff.

          there is too much to talk about- we are doing a shaved ice event every week at the shop, housemade, organic, seasonal all. we have a new colombian coffee from Esmerelda farm, yellow bourbon, pitalito, Narino. and two or three coffee arriving this week.

          internet crises, and synesso steamwand failure

          Monday, July 1st, 2019

          installed two water filters at courier, and one at a client.

          new gaskets on our steamwand valve, and brand new wands. unfortunately synesso shipped us a bad batch of steam wands many years ago, and wants us to eat the cost. heads up- they dont test parts, only built machines. but i dont fault them too much.

          we tasted maybe 15 coffees today, and new coffees are on the way.