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          Archive for April, 2019

          strangely coffee

          Sunday, April 28th, 2019

          a fifth of the tools are laid on the copper bar in the order of.

          xcelite drivers/ wiha (crap) drivers/ anodized crescent adjustable/ P&C #2 flat/ Olympia adj.. (c/o Winks Hardware)/ supertool adj widejaw (Japan only)/ Knipex Cobra (which i like over the larger one)/ Channel Lock slipjoint linemans pliers/ Fuller adj pipe wrench 14/ Rigid b110/ ips ths-190/ channel lock crimpers/ Knipex 87-41-250/ Top nra-150/ Top 150mm thin exactwrench (japan only)/ Bondhus metric hex set/ vmf metric open box flat set/ and a bunch of Armstrong open-close combinations in both imp and metric (c/o Hall Tool).

          There is an ATAT walker resting on the beams above. Behind me a calendar for the next three months with the moon phases in bleeding POSCA marker paint. An empty can of Sapporo special beer with a small wooden board from a Japanese shrine in Niigata to bring us good fortune. There are also several nice stereo components, some Yamaha NS-6′s (tens are at home- and yeah they are not “the best” but they do work the hardest to reveal fault)..

          Strangely there is also the 70 pounds of coffee Ive roasted behind me, and well, a lot of other things. I could tell you about the summer. I could tell you about how we made a slight increase in a few prices because thats how it goes but. let me just say

          twenty years ago at Cleveland highschool we made Miner Bee homes out of blocks of wood. At first i took it serious to save the bees and nothing happened. then two weeks ago- someone put the block of wood i made with holes by the back door as a piece of art- Now have three little holes full and five Bees working at it….The bees are very friendly.