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          Archive for March, 2019

          from a small business hotel near Yutenji Station, Tokyo.

          Wednesday, March 20th, 2019

          Action in the last month included repair of our Market Forge half sheet oven located below the bar. We also installed a Fetco CBS-2031e brewer at Assembly Brewing on 62nd and Foster, who soft open tomorrow, and will be serving Courier Coffee. Ran into a little hiccup where the brewer was not remembering its settings, which we hope has remedied by leaving it powered up. And finally, two weeks ago we had a wonderful staff meeting over at the roastery, where we decided to increase a few prices on our menu, work on new drinks, and in general talked shop improvements.

          I personally am in Japan for two weeks, to see family. Our Daughter turned three in February and we are here to visit the shrine in her mom’s hometown for a sort of coming of age ceremony. Having just returned from the east coast i am currently drinking 7-eleven coffee (its 5am), which i have to say really beats Bodega coffee I have had in New York .

          Going to our favorite Japanese Shaved ice place today. You will see photos on ssshavedice instagram account for sure probably in a few hours. anyway- im going to run out to the lobby for some juracappresso coffee now (its probably not that exact brand, but you know. everyones asleep. Then make some new menus, as we have new coffee coming to courier, and ill pop those in the mail to portland.