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          Archive for February, 2019

          time slip, at the start of 2018

          Tuesday, February 12th, 2019

          Back from Japan. it was New Years Day. Late to the airport i missed the checked luggage time, slammed all into my backpack, leaving an empty hardshell case in a hallway for 10 dollars. Awake with a Suntory Premium Malt beer, and 5 cups of Starbucks coffee, with a slight worry that something was forgotten.

          Arriving my credit cards are all declined, forgetting to let the companies know. three hours later and im on the train, with a hot canned coffee and a rice ball. Soon a client’s business was to flood from water damage, Courier’s fridge would stop being cold, and when i get back we are accused of discriminating against a customer of color. And we did ask a woman to leave the shop, and it was our fault. all of this was hard because i was not there.

          The end of 2018 was hard, because it seems all business for the year ended with being slow. And now I, personally am in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York, on family stuff. Have not been here since i was 12. wow- easy to sum up a year in three paragraphs. I will be back in Portland soon, but things are changing. Portland is changing, and we remain dedicated to american and canada paper products, eliminating plastic, developing relationships while not using jet fuel, delivering all by bicycle, and keeping it fresh, and composting and recycling the most.

          The future is our enemy i guess, unless its a rad future that takes into account ecological health, and part of that help is social.

          i dont know.. hello 2019.
          help us serve you better.
          love courier coffee