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          Archive for October, 2017

          the gentle softness behind making drinks

          Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

          or how staring at your phone is like someone watching a television while at work. Watching your server paying more attention to something else than to you.

          Professionally when i get a phone call (unless its a work call), I go outside so as not to disturb others. Reading a book, Playing magic the Gathering, working on your laptop… well- I think that working is noble, and Magic the Gathering (or having the guts to play it) is awesome.. really i cant fault any customer.. but often it is wrong for the workers to be on their phone while being in the spotlight. spotlight?

          A drink should be attentive to the conditions. should the cup be warmed to what level depending on humidity and temperature in the room. should we focus so much on latte art that the cup fills just above the rim and is impossible to easily carry and or lift to your mouth. does your server even have the faintest idea of nuances between drinks other than size. should customer service matter. yes.

          recently someone told me that a 5 oz latte and cappuccino are the same drink- of course they are not. When we opened 7 years ago i think we were under this myth as well. not only are there differences in drinks, there are regional differences as well to be aware of. try and order a 5 oz latte and a 5 oz cappucino next time from your server and see what happens.

          We will not say that we do it better, or consistently, but customers know. when you get served an iced americano is it cold? luke warm? does the crema or espresso float, or mix. and would your server care. yes hopefully. do you want it hot on top and chilled below. personally i would like it cold, but the crema still floating on the surface. id like the espresso poured on top of the water with ice, and a spoon to gently stir the water below to chill from the bottom up but keep the cream of the espresso on top.

          actually ordering a 5 oz latte and a 5 oz cappuccino would be a good trick for your server. also interesting in Portland would be (or any city) if prices are different.

          there are differences.