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          Archive for September, 2017

          smoke and face masks

          Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

          wildfire smoke was a light snow at 4am, so we decided to bike to work, as normal. Wore a light mask, the cheap kind you find at most Japanese convenience stores, and the breathing was better. Masks are great at keeping particles out, but not firesmoke, however we have a great nose here.

          Loaned Justin my eye protection for his 20 mile delivery route, and Japanese mask. Later i got our North 5500-30s mask- typical for paint and sanding with n100 filtration (the best you can do before chemical filtering for fire smoke), and it was awesome. With the N100 filters the air was easy, and smelled ok. while the light paper masks improved things a little the full rubber seal of the North mask is 20 times better. we have some other very serious disposable masks made by 3M, with an air out valve, made with white fluffy material, but they are very hot, and of course not as good as the rubber seal.

          At the roastery we installed serious air filters on all of our windows, the kind meant for cigarette smoke and chemicals, and then had our large fan drawing air through the space. This protected the coffee from soot and particles, and helped considerably at the start of the day, but its still lightly smoky inside the room now, probably from going in and out all day, and also the seals.

          Currently I am working from the storage room, with two doors between me and the outside world. Our green coffee storage room is also positively pressurized with both air conditioning and humidity control. The air is great here, and its cool.

          While i did not see a single biker this morning wearing a mask or even a bandanna, i think they are still very needed. I got lightheaded biking this morning, and heard reports that others felt the same while riding. dont be afraid to look nerdy- goggles and mask really help.