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          Archive for August, 2017

          7 year anniversary

          Sunday, August 13th, 2017

          August marks our coffee shops 7 year anniversary, and maybe 11 or 12 for Courier Coffee Roasters. We remember at ten years the Half & Half cafe had already become legend at 923 SW Oak, and the memories of Portland’s first Taco del Mar had all but been forgotten. Rocco’s Pizza was always awesome, and in the first years we could run out between orders to pick up vinyl from Jackpot on 9th and Burnside.The block where the Zoobombers gathered, where the Sprockettes drank coffee.

          When Courier opened we charged an astronomical two dollars for a pourover coffee. The building tenants wrote us hate messages and destroyed what little furniture we had in some weird misunderstanding. Our front door was a very popular spot to shoot up, sleep, and sometimes while we were still inside closing or opening. But it was the best of times as well.

          Somewhere we read that originally the building housed electricians? or a supply house, or a school for journeyman?

          Its been awesome.

          On other fronts- the roastery is now a proud owner of one of those huge 42 inch warehouse fans! We got a “Master” belt drive van for decreased vibration and extended motor life. And our basement is so full of coffee its increasingly difficult to move. Downtown we have already started Shaved Ice Saturdays- the ice we are getting is amazing, and our blades are sharp. We are increasingly learning the importance and way to treat ice at different temperatures. Handmade everything of course. Wages for everyone increased very sharply last month. We still dont know how to work with increasing cost, but we are outpacing Portlands minimum wage by a bit. No one can have it both ways we guess, and of course its amazing to be able to drink coffee all the time at work.

          Thank you for being with us. best!