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          Archive for June, 2017

          Sunday, June 25th, 2017

          Japanese shaved ice (Kakigori) will take off for real June 15th at the shop. Follow @ssshavedice on Instagram for the times and details as it gets close.

          For a little background the shaved ice project starts with Sakiko, part owner of Courier. Her and i met at the coffee bar, later we got married at the coffee bar by David (funny guy who works in the morning), and so we became partners. Sakiko is an editor and writer in Japan, who came to Portland before Portland was known in Tokyo. One of Sakikos interests is Kakigori (shaved ice).

          So we brought a manual Kakigori machine (Kakigoriki) back from Tokyo as a checked piece of luggage. Carrying a 56 pound machine on the train along with other luggage is tough. jumping in and out of trains, using the escalator. We ended up buying a little cart to make it easy, but traveling with a Kakigoriki is not, entirely, easy. Neither is, bringing this machine to Courier whenever we do shaved ice, or carrying it up the ladder to stow away. Thankfully we have a car, otherwise the machine, the crates, the 16 month old daughter- well, we have not talked about bike trailers yet.

          Japanese shaved ice probably differs by style and the type of the machine from say, Hawaiian, or Vietnamese. The blade is very sharp high carbon tool steel which is meant to cut ribbons from crystal clear ice. This should produce almost “snowball making snow,” if the ice is too cold then it will produce powder- which won’t take any liquid if you pour condensed milk on top. Flavors commonly almost always include sweetened condensed milk as the sugary part. But if you want to really know, then you should come try it at Courier on the days we make.

          a month ago when the power went out the blocks of ice in our freezer saved all of our other product. we moved these to the refrigerators and kept the temperature in the safe zone for food products.

          Projects lately include digging through our 600 plus records at the roastery, trying to figure out their origins. We got a new Milwaukie corded drill and some rivets and have been refurbishing an old higgens toolbox. We are trying to refurbish our silca pumps- recently retapped the threads and have new leather. Piles of free firewood at the roastery from all our cut up palettes. and probably the most thrilling thing lately has been fixing the gate hinges for the backyard so that the latch always catches. we are very proud of this work as we accomplished it with zipties, a few beer caps, a bic pen tube, and brass compression nut.

          the roastery is hot. its 80F now, but once we turn on the 1200F afterburning the room will hold at a 100F. its always summer at the roastery.