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          Archive for April, 2017

          Thursday, April 20th, 2017

          sample roasted new crop Guatemalan coffees yesterday, we have locked in our order for two new coffees from Huehuetenango and its now a matter of shipping.

          Free Courier Coffee this Saturday for the line at Record Store Day on Hawthornes Jackpot records. Unsure what to make- new Uganda coffee arrival? for this record store day we want to do something interesting- going against the grain. We know, and have pushed, stainless steel lined airpots (or thermoses). Pretty much every coffee shop and roaster in the city uses these because they tend to break less than glass thermoses, and can hold a little more volume. But glass keeps heat better, and also tastes better since there is no steel to react with the oils. Money over quality is what it breaks down too. sure your coffee is rad if you toss it every 40 minutes after brew, and honestly coffee that sits in a steel thermos for a few hours is surprisingly ok. but glass is best. so for this record store day we will be brewing ahead and serving in glass lined carafs.

          We still expect new crop kenya and uganda in tomorrow. also we recieved more kenya and colombia samples last night which we will roast and cup today.

          Monday, April 17th, 2017

          the new teapots on bar are from Sanjo, Niigata, Japan. They were made to order, and are a product of our recent trip.

          New white cups arrived today- Ancap- made in Italy. These will be our third round of cups for the shop, and our second time ordering Ancap. The first time we stocked ACF, or FAC in brown, along with Gretchen Vaudt’s hand made cups.

          New crop Kenyas are in, well almost, they will arrive in Portland Friday, along with new crop Uganda coffee. Our Guatemalan samples got delayed but new crop Guatemala coffee is so so close. New lot of Sulawesi is also going to start being on bar at the end of the week.

          At the roastery we have a new front wheel for the cargo bike- with a Shutter Precision dynamo hub, laced to a G-Sport ribcage rim. This is our first foray into Dynamo lighting, and we picked up Supernova front and rear lights. The mounting needs work but its going to be awesome, well, unless they get stolen.

          We are swimming in pallets that no one wants to reuse (stacked inside our small space), time to make firewood.

          lastly but most importantly Vanilla prices are crazy, despite that we give out Vanilla syrup as a courtesy, times are changing. Vanilla is very scarce after the category 5 hurricane wiped out 70% of Madagaskars Vanilla bean. We wholesale it for $375 a pound currently (eighty beans in a pound last count). Madagaskar produces over 90% of the worlds Vanilla. Did you know that Vanilla comes from an Orchid, and it takes three years for this orchid to bloom and when it does there is only a day the flower has to be pollinated.

          soon soon-ccr

          worm gear or gearbox for sanfranciscan sf-25

          Saturday, April 1st, 2017

          Our coffee roaster uses a gearbox, wormgear, to take a fast moving motor and reduce speed in a 40-1 ratio, while also increasing torc. Worm gears have much more frictional force internally than straight gearing, and their benefit is that they are very compact, yet at the same time a little louder. even if you specify the same gearbox as a previous model you have there is more than just a model number that should be matched.

          We are now on our second Vortex gearbox in 6 months (where our previous Morse-Emerson lasted 15 years). What we have learned is that efficiency of the gearbox and output torc changes differently with different brands as they heat up. a worm gear has a lot of friction and heats up quickly. Vortex is made in China, and perhaps the gearbox industry is not thriving there. we are now awaiting a Grove Gear wormgear- supposedly awesome, and it keeps the same output torc at start and when hot, where as the Vortex loses something like 55% of its output torc as it heats.

          We do keep a logbook of the roaster maintenance, and the entry for this gearbox is much more in depth than what is written above. Its been two weeks on the intermediary Vortex and we bled the oil (which was filthy with metal shavings), flushed, and weighed in new oil. The Vortex leaks from the sightglass, and drips from the expansion valve whenever it is running, so we are looking forward to swapping it out as soon as possible.