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          Archive for March, 2017


          Monday, March 20th, 2017

          kind of awesome that its all at one time.

          our fridge broke, cargo bike wheel (not sure if they are bearings or sand), roaster stopped turning (fixed now), potential natural gas leak- turns out sewer leak (its ok), toilet seat held on by tape (fixed), espresso machine drain line leak ( ehh). sink faucet complete fail (fixed). thats a lot for us in a week.

          we have a new colombian coffee and a new sulawesi shipping on wednesday. we have a bunch of new crop guatemalan samples shipping today.

          other news my daughter can walk. she is a year and a month old. she is in japan and coming back soon. id like to attribute all the broken things at courier to good luck. its pretty rad that this all occurred in one week when we have time on our hands.

          thank you all for being with us. best joel

          Canele at courier coffee

          Saturday, March 11th, 2017

          We make simple Canele (accent that last e for me).

          Portland Monthly magazine did a lovely article in their latest, so we have been selling out of our 18 Canele that we make each morning in the first few hours.

          We make all of our baked goods at the shop. Pasture eggs from the Obrist family (formerly Hermans Honey at Peoples Cooperative Wednesday market). there was a time we got our beeswax from them as well). Shepherds Grain low gluten flour, Creme Classic butter, Maldon salt, Sunshine Dairy whole milk, Madagascar vanilla bean, Meyers Rum, and GloryBee vegan cane sugar are what we use. Copper forms from France (courtesy of brittany and michael parich).

          The forms are very special. Copper is expensive, but in France its a little cheaper. We are happy to sell out early because canele are better in the morning.

          For those of you who come and find us sold out, we want you to know that our oven is a half sheet oven and only has three racks. We also hope you do get to try a fresh canele. best best