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          Archive for October, 2016

          update on the month

          Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

          Fall is here.

          Our daughter Ryokuchan started to crawl on september 21st, and David of Courier Coffee’s bar got his first cat.

          Japanese Shaved Ice every Saturday has done very well, and we are now committed to keeping this up until the end of December. If you have not heard Courier is the Only coffee roastery perhaps on the West coast to make Japanese shaved ice. Japanese people say its perhaps the best shaved ice they have ever had (insert source here). But serious- people say its rad. Saturday 11/12- close.

          Of course we have all new delicious coffee to roast and provide, we are falling in love with all of our coffees. While the menu has changed, our offerings continue to represent single lots of coffee.

          The roastery is looking great. just broke down and rebuilt our Ditting (just cleaning). We have two tables propped on sawhorses that have created a great area to package and prep coffee. We have branched out and are now providing a housemade record cleaning fluid to our accounts along with their coffee. Just installed new shift cable and brake pads on our cargo bike (shimano saint dual piston).- fully cleaned the ceramic with spirits, and broke in the pads gently before the ride.

          New projects include figuring how to make our own baby changing station , figure out how to heat the coffee shop in the winter, well lots of other stuff.

          more soon- thank you for being with us. best ccr