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          Archive for September, 2016

          Saturday, September 24th, 2016

          no shaved ice today.

          new tools and hardware

          Wednesday, September 7th, 2016

          New bathroom door lock at Courier- the one we have always wanted but thought it was too much. Went to Chown Hardware, a place that has always treated us well, and picked up the perfect hardware. The hangup is that we could not decide on a door handle, a decision that may trouble our sleep for years. currently we are using two vintage screws and a drywall screw (vintage because thats how “General Threaded” described the item… which he uses to describe most things).

          Got a sweet new push broom today at Ankeny Hardware. Spent probably 20 minutes wandering around the small store. They told me it was the best push broom ever made. unfortunately its made of steel and synthetics but the guy at the store was so excited about it.

          New Taylor wall thermometer- 12″ says made in the USA and covered thick with dust. of course we walked around the store and checked all the other thermometers to make sure this one was in line.

          Vim tool mini socket driver set- bought our second set last week at Hall Tool. We now use it 4 times a day at the roastery to adjust the saddle of the cargo bike- very awesome.

          hows everything else? new coffee coming in soon. roasting 8 samples today from an importer of coffee.KAKIGORI- is going to continue to be made every saturday. The roastery is looking great.