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          Archive for August, 2016

          KAKIGORI now at courier

          Friday, August 19th, 2016

          Kakigori/ Japanese shaved ice- every Saturday courtesy of Saki and Ryoku.

          Last summer when we went to Japan to visit our family we brought a Kakigoriki (shaved ice machine) back from japan. Sakiko and I have actually visited a ton of the best kakigori shops throughout Tokyo, and also everywhere we go. While i focus on coffee and beer, saki has her eyes on shaved ice. Traditionally in Japan, the best ice is made by nature (just like in that Disney movie).

          Later today I am meeting with Saki and Ryoku to make caramel, and syrup reductions at our bar. Saturday we will be shaving ice from 11am onward (maybe even earlier).

          Its hard how to call this- Sakiko is kind of part owner of Courier- but this is really her own project. for the moment im just calling it sakiko and ryokus shaved ice.

          also we have two new coffees from Guatemala. they just arrived this morning and im roasting them now in this hundred degree room.

          ingredients for courier coffee bake goods

          Thursday, August 11th, 2016

          Shepherds Grain low gluten flour.
          Pasture Raised Eggs from Obrist farm in Ridgefield Washington? (formerly Herman’s Honey Peoples Cooperative Farmers Market).
          Organic rolled and steel cut oats from Bobs Redmill.
          Seeds from Bobs Redmill.
          Organic Brown Rice Syrup Aunt Patties
          Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Vegan Cane Sugar.
          Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Fair Trade Vegan Cane Sugar.
          Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Blackstrap Mollases.
          Felchlin 65% chocolate Maracaibo Venezuela.
          Felchlin 72% chocolate Arriba Ecuador.
          Jasmine Pearl Co. Tea Portland Oregon.
          Vanilla Beans Madagaskar Organic.
          Meyers Rum.
          Sunshine Milk
          Cremerie Classic Butter (unsalted).
          Pacific Soy Milk.
          Portland Tap Water Only.
          Local Beeswax – type varies on availability.
          Nancys Organic Wholemilk Yogurt.

          We bake everything in house- each morning. Everyone who works bar is involved in baking. In the final stages of building our shop we purchased an oven which is visible directly behind the bar. The coffee and the baked goods are prepared by our hands.

          Recent change was to increase the price of our Chocolate Chip Cookie. We are the only coffee shop selling Pasture Raised Boiled Eggs and coffee (i believe)- or even just boiled eggs.

          Soon… as in maybe tomorrow, or saturday there will be Japanese Kakigori, Shaved ice. Made by Sakiko. we will update you here.