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          Archive for June, 2016

          Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

          looking forward the question is how to get more serious about drink preparation. honestly there are a lot of questions. getting more busy in the summer- how do we do it better. not entirely sure how to find the answers, and before we opened a coffee shop my advice to any business owner would be not to get better, but create the illusion of movement.

          two weeks ago we received large blocks of crystal clear ice (which i would like to attribute to Frank now of Heart Coffee Roasters, but the person who wanted them was not me). Because of the ice we needed a good saw. On johns advice (navarre) instead of Browns Lumber we went to Woodcrafters. what an amazing place- honestly (michael parich) i had no idea, it was my first time there. Of course whenever i go to these places people laugh at me, because they think saws are for wood.

          On a basic level we have started to hand cut clear ice for an offshoot business by Sakiko (my wife/partner..) who will be making shaved ice this summer at courier. Lately I have been busy and have probably started and ended a number of amazing ideas including baked potatoes, granola, etc. But the shaved ice idea is super cool, and its not my own. We did a trial run during the day of the Pride Parade last weekend- and it was awesome.

          Other awesome things. New coffee arrived from el salvador, and kenya. Guatemala coffee has left the port and is on the way. ive got 5 samples to cup today. we have new grinder blades from ditting that we have never had before.

          much much more to come. also looking for people who want to work. crazy.