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          Archive for May, 2016

          Monday, May 30th, 2016

          six hours of roasting on this Memorial day, where our afterburner maxed itself out. It has been so long, so we were fumbling for the reset switch, and then the manual override, but where was that.

          The last batch of the day did not work out, so we gave up.

          Our little mounds of coffee have seemingly worked against most of the ants. Tomorrow we have some new spots to put coffee.

          Thank you so much for calling us today to see that we were open- looking forward to the crushing tomorrow. team courier has really come through to help us out at the roastery packing and getting things done.

          One of the new surprises today- new dish-sink-faucet. Installed in under an hour, with only one trip to the hardware store. Memorial day success.

          Sunday, May 29th, 2016

          little piles of powderfine coffee grounds are starting to appear at the roastery. We place them next to open windows, and near cracks in the wall to cover openings ants like to enter. wiping all of the surfaces with a citrus or ammonium inside the room erases the little trails ants leave behind. We wash our dishes with a multi-quaternary ammonium solution- which we love but its really pricey.

          Luckily ants do not have a love for coffee. We do not have food, or use the garbage for food here so the ants are just little explorers.

          We have started the precursor to the Rose Festival, which proceeds Gay Pride, Proceeding Pedalpalooza. Tomorrow is Memorial Day, but the shop will be open for sure (however we may decide to close up early- it is a holiday after all, and we think thats only fair). Tuesday will be a crushing day for bike deliveries since we will combine two days into one. Memorial day will be a super busy biking and packing day, and today we hope to clean and prep.

          more soon best joel courier coffee

          Friday, May 20th, 2016

          months go by between our posts now. My new daughter is about to turn 100 days old, which is important for Japanese children. Ryoku-chan likes shadow puppets, likes being read to while following the words, and loves the ceiling at the roastery. she is saying things to us, she is playing peekaboo.

          At home we have planted a garden. twice this week i have seen coyotes in front of our home. The mice are eating the heads of kale, and the potatoe tops…

          At the roastery we have been thinking a lot about how best to roast coffee. . . `

          Im behind as always, and thankful as always that