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          Archive for March, 2016

          Sunday, March 27th, 2016

          Having a little trouble getting our google photos to show on our website with the new script/encoding that google is using. so now we will tell our story with words.

          David and Jeremy have been roasting with me lately, and whats more we have been cupping every production roast of coffee between the three of us. Cupping the same coffee roasted 15 different ways can be challenging, and educational, if backed up with expert notes. This has led us down the path of re-addressing our datalogger (nonfunctional as of now), and asking ourselves how much the build up of oils on our roaster’s bi-metal thermometer lags the readings. Then we get afraid that if we actually clean the thermowell, that things will be so drastically different we wont know where to start….

          Today we laid out the internals of a Mazzer Major doser assembly- thinking about how to rebuild it better to suit our purpose. Yesterday we gave our shelf on bar a new shelf liner. A few days before that we restocked our tea- so now we have Ginger, Rooibos, Chamomile, Peppermint, English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Kyushu Sencha, and Chinese Sencha- all except the last (from Foxfire) courtesy of Jasmine Pearl…

          If I have not been that present downtown I have been a little more everywhere else. The amount of tasting and thought that is going into the roasts these days is more than fun. We even had a productive OSHA meeting three days ago, where we discussed the type of ear protection that would be useful around the shop. I personally feel that this (tax season, training new roasters) is probably the most relaxed of all time before my six week old daughter grows up, and hopefully the most productive. Listening to the talk about our bar I am reminded that it is a small place, which i think we could make more purposeful.

          For the customers of our bar- a behind the scenes dilemma/challenge with equipment and space will be refrigeration. It is like tetris, and the challenge of making cold brew, chilling glasses, creating bubbly water will continue to increase. but perhaps this balance is what makes things fun….

          Anyway. Thank you for being with us. we will continue to work on serving you better. if you need to contact us at all call or text me-joel .