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          Archive for February, 2016

          Friday, February 19th, 2016

          Ryoku Margaret Setaka-Domreis, 2.69kg.

          We raced to the hospital last Wednesday afternoon after an alarming report on the ultrasound, which later turned out a false assessment. She was actually due today, but we, given the option for her safety induced labor last week. Nothing went as planned but everything turned out well, and she is improving an already terrible sleep pattern that i have. After working on espresso machines, and making coffee, chatting to customers, babies are entirely different.

          Courier staff pulled together to make the deliveries happen in my absence. Special guest roaster Alex Geddes prepped the coffee, and everyone gave up their freetime to make things happen. The roastery has actually got a lot more exciting the last week.

          Downtown the fill solenoid on our Fetco HWB-5 kind of slowly went out. Typical of what we do we just harvested parts from something else to make it work. Since things always happen in sets the shifter cable went out on the cargo bike (probably a 15 minute fix), but yesterday we did all deliveries in the high gear.

          Besides being years behind on paperwork, and super tired, things are going very well here at the roastery. We received new coffee last week and it is all on bar being served. all the best from us-j ccr