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          Archive for January, 2016

          Thursday, January 28th, 2016

          A number of new things are happening.

          Our bar will be a place to register to vote (look for box in corner). We have started to carry/are in transition/ and will be serving new Earl Grey, English Breakfast, and Kyushu Sencha tea courtesy of Jasmine Pearl Tea Company. Sakiko and I are having a baby girl roughly around the 19th.An amazing article just came out on TSITE Japan- check it here, courtesy of Masa, writing by Sakiko (disregard the part about drowning small children if you cannot read Japanese). We are now boiling all our water at the roastery with White Gas on our three burner Coleman campstove (educational). There is a new place in St. Johns serving Courier- Becka- Israeli Breakfast spot in the Brasstacks St. Johns location- Think delicious Israeli food 7am-2pm only through February.

          Now- on the deeper front- the front bearing on the SF-25 roaster is not entirely in good health. We have plans to pull it, but wrecking the housing is surely a possibility. On a happier side we have added a beautiful set of Wiha torx drivers to our toolset courtesy of Hall tool, mostly because someone put their phone in the laundry.

          Alex Geddes (now Spielman Coffee Roasters) and I have both been discussing gas flow on the roaster lately. My opinion is that it is no problem, but Alex seems to think the roaster has less power. Yesterday at Extracto Coffee roasters hanging out behind the scenes our attention was guided to an amazing clear gas inlet tube with a floating pressure indicator (cannot remember technical term). This tube is totally awesome and when Chris (Extracto) returns from Ethiopia we are going to have to ask him on this.

          all sorts of stuff is happening that we barely can talk about. someone made off with our blue recycle bin at the roastery. Baked potatoes were put on hold at the coffee shop (but wait- i have a bag of potatoes sitting next to me as i type). In the midst of all this it is hard to fathom the next few weeks. There are a bunch of Colombian “microlot” samples coming to roast and cup. We have one very lovely new Colombian from La Estrella farm that is here, but on very short supply. Since I am doing all the roasting and delivering i think the next few weeks will be tough. There are birth classes to attend, coffee to roast…

          Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

          Max and I tasted some tea today (unimpressed). We both agreed it was good, but… lacking. In order to find new tea, or a company to work with there will be some soul searching. I think we have something that meets our standards now, but losing Foxfire tea is a very large juncture for us, and we want to do this right.

          We are (about to blow your mind) serving baked potatoes in an even more limited amount than our pastries, housemade. Each garnished with a touch of ‘fleur de sel.’ We continue to experiment on our own about potatoes, and we want you to remember our concept comes from a very near past where potatoes were used as pocket warmers. On these cold mornings a hot potato may just be the perfect thing. While we have talked about sweet potatoes we want to really work first on the basics. They will be red potatoes organically grown in either Washington or Oregon. These will be wrapped in foil and available between 8 and 10am ish. Other garnishes will be coming soon, and we have to admit this will certainly not be a money maker, but who would not want a hot potato.

          Happy new year- ccr

          kyocera flip phone, beer can stoves the perfect gift, and unrelated entries

          Sunday, January 10th, 2016

          random entry-

          Roasting coffee for LUCLAC right now. Since we are attentive this statement will only be true for the beginning of the type. There is great care in the french roast coffee… (roasting). even in darkness there will be a gradient of development throughout the seed which will affect the final product.

          LucLac serves Vietnamese style coffee, however we take it lighter than you would in Vietnam, yet still black all the way (there is a color gradient however) through without any sourness or acid. Many think that we roast lighter/medium roasts of coffee, but we do about two batches a week that are darker. The quality of the coffee, we feel, always comes through into the final product, and while normally roasters seem to not care about things like french roast and decaf it should be cared about. The only bummer for us is that we only get to roast about two batches each a week of dark roast and decaf, maybe a few percent of what we roast weekly.

          Topic two- Kyocera Dura XV Plus- everyone says they are slow, but what they mean is that there is a weird glitch. We raved about this phone a month ago, but then, it started lagging terribly. At the beginning of december it fixed itself and now is sharp as ever. In the last month we also changed the way we carried our phone and have been driving (gasp) much more. We have left our phone in the middle of intersections on rainy days. In puddles in the gutter overnight. Have accidentally had the phone fall into a cup of coffee. But the thing is this phone is awesome. It gets charged once a week as well and no sooner than every four days, and we use it for work.

          Topic 3- beer can stoves the perfect gift. We started writing this post pre January, and we are thinking about gifts. Well its now too late to advise but a few of you may remember years ago when we were making campstoves to boil water at the roastery. Matthew Sperry of Courier introduced us to the Penny Stove, and we have about eight of these at the roastery. Just prior to gift giving we tried our hand at making them again and we remembered that they take a little more finesse than we remembered. fueling them with shellac thinner is probably equally great and terrifying.

          Whenever we post (and i can believe other roasters do not post) there is so much information we want to tell you about.

          Happy New Year to all. Thank you so so much for being with us.