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          Archive for October, 2015

          Peets Coffee makes a coffee bar on Broadway, and the sickness that is the Kyocera DuraXV plus phone, and a confession

          Friday, October 30th, 2015

          two unrelated stories-

          The unofficial first year we had a Micron computer running Windows ’95, a dial up internet connection through Eugene costing maybe 90/year, a fax machine off craigslist, and a crummy landline/answering machine- the year was 2004.

          In 2004 most people had cell phones. After we got a business licence we decided to get a Samsung flip phone- and today we are now on our fifth flip phone. Mid summer we did acquire an iphone- which no one has the number to, but business phone remains the flip phone.

          Enter our new Kyocera. Sadly there are no options anymore for phones like this, but this has got to be the raddist flip phone ever. Texting with gloves, in the pouring rain. the action on the buttons is really nice. it also has noise dampening, and so far people have mentioned that they hear us super clear. also it organizes messages in threads by person. It has been a week so far with this phone and the thrill has not worn off- looking forward to the next five years with this phone!!!!

          Sometime around 2003? Peets opens the first coffee bar in Portland- and it was revolutionary (for six months). This is at their Broadway location which is still (almost) the same. The concept? order coffee like beer, or like at an old fashioned soda fountain (which ive heard of but never seen). No point of sale, no lines, just belly up to the bar- sound familiar? After all the research using that ’95 windows computer, and painstakingly coming to the same conclusion of this is how it should be, someone had already beat us there (for a short while). Two local coffee favorites were also later to build the same idea- with the same failing- where either the staff, or customers, revolted against the idea. The point is that Peets Coffee has had some great ideas- but perhaps what they work against is our culture, or maybe they are not working hard enough.

          Its rainy and that means seats inside our shop are difficult- dont worry we are working on that now. we are also waxing and waterproofing our gear, and atempting to fix our brakes for the cargo bike. New lot from Rwanda arrived today- Ingoboko cooperative farmers, Rutsiro district (lovely winey accidity, just did a small batch, will be downtown tomorrow).

          Monday, October 26th, 2015

          we have a new flip phone. and our new barstools are ‘assembled’ in the usa. new coffee from rwanda ships to us wednesday along with more providencia farm, huehuetenango c/o royal coffee importers. we met a really cool guy from Burundi and are hoping we can figure how to get his coffee because it is lovely.

          Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

          The Courier phone line is down for repairs (until we get to the phone store). was not really into LG and we spent a few minutes today trying to track down a samsung flip phone. so it goes. Actually we have enough phones now that we should probably be resurrecting one of them (seriously considering handing them out as trick or treat goodies).

          progress since last check in- new barstools, made in the U.S.A.

          Slept on getting bike lights, but we did just bring a bunch of coffee to City Bikes and we still really do want to help those night time commuters.

          On the Cargo Bike front we are still operating with only one brake (granted a pretty awesome brake). The action has gotten better through applying spirits to the outside, but not buttery yet, and we tire of the work.

          This weekend is coffee fest, and many interesting people are in Portland visiting us. Synesso is coming to show off their new MVP machine- probably too fancy- but we love what they do.
          Also cool samples are showing up at our bar as farmers and brokers visit our city.

          Lastly today there was a small brainstorming session about Ankeny Park on the south end of the North Park Blocks. The main topic was how to include the Park more into the rest of the park blocks and also diversify the use of the area to include more of the neighbors (basically to create more traffic of people.). good times.