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          Archive for August, 2015

          Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

          roasting summer

          Saturday, August 1st, 2015

          The process of roasting coffee feels like it occurs faster in the summer. we are not sure if this is for better or worse but we do like hitting orange/red colors at 4 minutes- something people roasting on a 1950s probat probably have an easier time at. Since the roaster feels like it is going faster we are roasting (I am roasting) slightly larger batches of green coffee. And it appears i am finishing them faster with similar results. ive easily been doing 10.5 minute roasts of coffee.

          This could be attributed to the room temperature (100F), or maybe the humidity is helping the roast. Now, will you taste this in the cup, probably not. Will there be a difference from this over the winter, probably not. However we feel like similar and maybe imperceivably better results are happening in the summer. The mood we are in certainly does affect the roasts, which, we are happy the summer is helping the roasts.