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          Archive for July, 2015

          back from japan

          Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

          its pretty hard to write entries.


          biked by heart coffee roasters new space today- they are growing. everyday biking by “good coffee”- have not been there,but.

          Japan- we did not visit blue bottle at all. we did not visit the portland themed restaurant named burnside. we loved coffee elementary school- third wave japan eat that. PADDLERS COFFEE serving Stumptown, the new location is more than rad-i more than recommend looking them up and, letting them be ambassadors for Stumptown Coffee Tokyo.

          Coffee Elementary School is probably the most third wave shop we experienced. if you saw us there thats how much we love you. Onnibus Coffee Roasters I claim full responsibility for stealing your umbrella.

          Back in Portland we have a guy calling us about his espresso machine- awesome-thank you. We just got our first 3 star review on google-EVER. thank you, and you are lucky we are internet savy.

          4 years is a lot of wear and tear. the staff is fresh. what do we do. grab a beer together. probably.

          i want to thank you. so so much. making coffee is the same, but always different and we appreciate you. thank you

          Friday, July 3rd, 2015

          open normal july 4th. closed one pm. we have a ton of coffee and cold brew.