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          Archive for May, 2015

          a personal post

          Monday, May 18th, 2015

          Lets talk about whats happening at Courier. The book Catch 22 is pretty apt, except on the reverse- we love it. At this point you should probably read the book.

          I am going back to Japan in June- all of June. This coincides with my Grandmother in laws death anniversary- super important- and my grandfather in laws 20th i think. Sakiko is very close to her grandmother, and for the family this is an important event. I got married into a rice farming family in Sanjo, Niigata a year ago, because….. a young beautiful Japanese girl frequented our coffee bar…

          We have been running our bar for four and a half years. In a wonderful, and really for the best way our permanent staff made their way into better things, while also those of us who are here are in store for maybe better things. We are all moving onward and upward I hope. Through this we have met amazing new people, and rejoined lost friends, geez its been so rad.

          The challenge is stepping away for a bit. Luckily Jeremy is going to be running the show in the background while i am gone, and thank goodness for David Evans, what you would call your modern day bar champion.

          I have fallen in love more than ever working bar these last months and could wish nothing better. While in Japan it seems i will be doing a workshop on coffee roasting, build my own roaster, probably source green coffee and open a coffee stand- i will make no money at this, and i have absolutely no plans of opening in japan. but my good friend Sensei has a place called coffee elementary school, where i will be all the time and my friend Matsushimasan has Paddlers coffee serving Stumptown, where i will also be. but your best chance to find me is in Chiba, Yokohama, Hayama, Sanjo, or… perhaps Sapporo with Amy of Courier.

          Please go easy on the bar while i am away, the hands that i am leaving it in are more than able, and the new people on bar i love ( grains of salt- ha-xox).

          all the best-j