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          Archive for April, 2015

          Record Store Day

          Saturday, April 18th, 2015

          pre-release coffee for Jackpot records- Hacienda Supracafe Los Naranjos Yellow Typica varietal Cajibio, Cauca, Colombia elevation 1500 meters, fully washed and sun dried. limited to 100 bags at 60 grams each.Roasted this morning at our workshop, bagged and delivered by bicycle.

          Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

          Surprise- La Esperanza Farm coffee from Huehuetenango is back. We were actually surprised when it showed up at our door and the driver told us we had 1500 pounds of “samples.” Imagine some quick long distance phone calls to Guatemala after that.

          On the books our coffee shop has been getting busier. Interesting cash sales are on the decline while credit card is increased, when i am dead someone will probably buy an ipad and square pos.

          we have been thinking a lot about the economy of Portland, the cost of living going up is not great, yet wages going up is awesome. Courier is kind of in the boat. Our Eggs are 7 a dozen, our vegan cane sugar more expensive than anything, and our chocolate pricey, but it all makes sense to us. As Portland changed its commercial composting rules that made sense too, that we buy compostable cups that are not compostable totally makes sense. There was once a business in LA that prided themselves on struggle, and we have always admired them, or maybe the idea of working, hence bicycle delivery.

          The best thing is that we are able to serve people. We officially signed the lease on our Oak street location 5 years ago, and our coffee roasting space about ten years ago. thanks for being with us.