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          Archive for January, 2015

          Friday, January 23rd, 2015

          Today we soaked dried cranberries in Myers rum, tomorrow organically grown blood oranges for yogurt oat muffins.

          The espresso on bar has been pouring maybe erratically the last few days. Very confident looking at 18 seconds before pours suck inward slightly at 22. This could be contributed to the too crisp cellulose structure (woody structure) of the seeds, and light level of caramelization. Still when done just right there is a wonderful juice that reminds one of pureed flowers, or drinking flowers. Its not that the espresso pours differently each shot, but maybe more that we make it slightly different as the pace speeds and slackens, perhaps thinking too much in the slow times, or just nailing things perfectly. Yesterday we had the arbitrary/calibrated temperature for the brew boiler at 204F. Today at 8am we moved the temperature to 203F. While we could change the pressure as well we could be the odd coffee shop to do that, although dont put it past us.

          Last Saturday we held a pour over workshop just discussing technique and theory. We discovered our Fetco HWB-5 to be a bit lower in set point than we had thought, leading toward our discovery that a longer brew times would have more depth. This last week we have started to come closer to 3 minutes in pourover time.

          Please remember we have extended our hours. Come knock back some espresso with us at closing- all the best courier coffee

          Thursday, January 8th, 2015

          2014 a year of dreams at Courier. Things simply happened that we cant tell people about. Today while looking at our cargo bicycle, with its brand new rear wheel we wondered why things do not simply work the way they are supposed to. Yesterday Tim Roth and I rebuilt the dosing part of our Mazzer Robur espresso grinder, a huge success, but maybe we expected more.

          Many of us are getting older, growing up, but hopefully we have not forgotten the magic of making coffee, especially at home. Something so simply where only water is added ends up being much more.

          This year some new coffee shops appeared. Word of Portland traveled to Japan where they are opening up, and Portland businesses started expanding. Courier purchased a Smith Corona WP48D typewritter, new IKEA chairs, and LED Lightbulbs, and hopefully led some individuals to think about coffee in new ways. It will be the small things for us this year, but 2014 dreams from this blog and elsewhere are still on the table.