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          Archive for November, 2014

          Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

          December 4th book release party 6pmish. Snacks by Alder+Co. Refreshments by Navarre.

          Holiday schedule- closed Thanksgiving day, Christmas Day, New Years Day. Monday-friday 7-6. weekends 9-5.

          Walk-In hours at 4019 se hawthorne (the back garage) Sundays 10-2.
          Cuppings Tuesdays 2pm sharp, every Tuesday. Not our garage below.

          Our record player platter spindle bearing assembly is still in the mail. Our Fetco faucet assembly arrived after taking one week for Fetco to put it in the mail, and six days in transit.

          Walk up and Stock up at our Roastery Sunday

          Saturday, November 15th, 2014

          Purchase wholebean (or ground) coffee, at the roastery, on Sunday from 10am-2pm. Do you need a bunch of coffee packaged for gifts, feel free to phone ahead. Starting tomorrow. We will be doing cash sales only until we can figure other futuristic methods.9/half pound. 18/full pound. all other fractions will be rounded to dollar amounts

          Feel free to walk in, we are around the left side of the house at 4019 se hawthorne, at the little house behind

          On other news- Cuppings at the roastery on Tuesdays, exact time to be announced.

          Downtown we now have apple cider on bar, pressed friday night by the Old World Apple Lady, of almost all Spitzenberg varietal apples, for the kids of course, glasses for three, pints for four.

          Also we are struggling with a new kind of milk- Almond. We have no consensus on this so far. for a minute we were serving an expensive almond milk, and then a cheaper one, yet organic and local (oregon). we would absolutely love your help, feedback, and honesty, and thank you to the woman who called to say her drink tasted bad. We appreciate this more than anything else. I personally will tell people my drink was horrible and will return it, with wine, coffee, anything. We are here for you, and getting a drink means that you should be happy with it.

          Thank you so so so much. Please in the future let us know if you are not completely satisfied. Thank you for being with us.

          Sunday, November 9th, 2014

          new typewriter from 1992 now printing some labels.
          Fresh new batch of Pendleton Wool Mason Jar Cozies made by Michael Parich, Portland, on bar for sale. Four new lots of coffee, two of which are on bar now- a coffee from Guji, Oromia, Sidama, and one from Mutwewathi, Nyeri, Kenya. Two lots getting roasted, and maybe on bar in the morning.

          An interesting and needed part broke in our faucet assembly on the Fetco water tower (HWB-5). Interestingly the part is being made, but not sold anymore, unless you buy a whole lot more. One wonders how much longer Fetco will make HWB-5s, or how much longer it will take them to switch their labor from Chicago to China. In the mean time, through good design, we are using the 90 degree ball shutoff valve to dispense water. The assembly has been ordered and ships monday from, Chicago?

          Also fixed, temporarily, a platter vibration on our record player due to bearing failure, using bicycle chain lubricant. At first we misdiagnosed the issue as a power supply issue, and wrongly blamed the last service technician, for that apologies. We next thought it was the mounting of the plater bearing, but wrong again. We used a nice clean petroleum based lubricant made by ATB in Enterprise oregon (medium weight) to free up rumble. Check out this bearing assembly we would like to buy, but cannot afford.

          Lastly a little of our weekend was spent brewing coffee for the Japanese childrens library in Tabor Space, not much coffee made, but a whole lot of fun. if you are looking for childrens books in all Kanji to borrow, the yearly donation to become a library member is small.

          Whats on the horizon. Tim, our new person at the Roastery is holding cuppings everyother wednesday at 2pmish. He is planning walk in hours mid sunday for people to buy coffee beans. More as information is available.