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          Archive for October, 2014

          New Fall Hours

          Monday, October 27th, 2014

          Weekdays 7-6
          Weekends 9-5

          Please support our new hours.

          Friday, October 24th, 2014

          On bar the last three lightbulbs have been TCP BR30′s (L.E.D.) with 650 lumen output(the ceiling track lights). Just yesterday we realized none of the lighting is halogen anymore, something we so rely on at the roastery/workshop for color rendering. There is now a mix of old and new technology LED and old/new flourescent par30′s. We have been constantly buying a sample of LED flood lights as they hit the shelves, and trying them out. The Eco Par30s with flourescent bulbs (winks hardware) are actually a little warmer in color indexing, but not by much compared to the BR30′s. However the LED BR30′s draw only 12 watts of power, which i think is half as much as the same flourescent of equal lumen output. Next time in courier and looking up from the front to the back of the room lights 3,4&5 are BR30, then the light 6 (just past the support beam) is an old style LED, and the next in line are flourescent.

          From the same manufacturer and brand line we purchased an MR16 style LED for the roastery, and while poor color for our downlights we would like to move forward and replace our 12 up lights with these. One thing we did learn was that the 900 lumen type A bulb made by TCP (regular bulb type in a 60 watt equivalent, and a blue package) is way way too white for us. The 40 watt equivalent has a green package and we hope more warmer color, since the br30 package is also green (hoping that means something).

          On a separate note, we are retrieving our mk1200 turntable from Echo today, looking forward to that.

          Friday, October 17th, 2014

          1200 mk2 is still at echo audio.we lied earlier. at the last second we took our sl-1100 into the shop figuring it would come back quicker. for the moment the tt-432 Marantz unit is working. I guess we love the tonearm return, but you know belts are not forever.

          The fabled staff meeting has still not happened. because the staff is in miami, china, working their other jobs, on tour with their band, and.. just getting hired. There should be a meeting, and actually……. we want, and will, always want to hear what you think. Online reviews are helpful, but the most heartfelt reviews come a little more directly. as always feel free to call our 24 hour hotline at courier, or text. any feedback is always positive for us, even if its negative.

          Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

          mussels, champaign, espresso, and some clothing to feel awesome in (at 923 sw oak). West End womens select shop is now open in the Counter Media space. Maurice, whenever we look, is bustling.

          Mechanically we have a pitch accuracy issue on our mk2 1200 (record player). In the background our sl-1100 is getting its internal ground issue worked on at Echo Audio so we may swap it in before fixing the 1200. On the espresso front some keen customers may notice us sticking our hand in the doser chamber to spin the dosing sweeps in the chamber of our grinder- good eye. while we joke about return of the jedi and building a lightsaber yourself, the truth is that the solution is not elegant enough. Honestly we are thinking of rebuilding it with bike parts. On the tech/future/internet side of mechanical- we want to let you know that our website, while wordpress, has a front page done entirely in Drupal (we were told this is ridiculous today). However, you know,thats how we are.

          around the corner Limbo has taken a long vacation. Then next door there are two spaces that have formed in what was jackpot, rumor is new tenants before december. all the best, us, courier coffee