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          Archive for August, 2014

          Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

          on the horizon- pop up dinners at courier. These will be Izakaya style. Also we are nearing the anniversary of opening our bar, and we also plan to celebrate the change from summer to fall.

          Internally there is soon to start a review process on the style in which we make and serve drinks. This will be a staff workshop. Our first will be a study into temperature and time for milk drinks. Moving forward is always fun, and the future hopefully has us keeping on improving ourselves.

          Socially and politically we have just passed a landmark through Portland’s new labor law, although no one has realized it yet. two employees have called in sick, and guess what, they are getting paid. Paid sick days. pretty cool for the staff. Big thanks to everyone who walks through our door, through your support we are able to cover sick days. Think of how many people in Portland this will help out.

          ok- have to go deliver coffee. best ccr

          Friday, August 15th, 2014

          On bar at Courier- Othaya farmers peaberry type coffee, Nyeri, Kenya, July crop arrival Oakland. Next week look forward to it at Kenilworth Coffee, SE Gladstone and 37th.

          Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

          麦わら細工、ヒンメリは葉山在住の造形作家、Nononiko の大久保 智子。
          日本のヴィンテージは同Noninokoの大久保 忠宏が発掘したものである。

          CZAR- Lena Fujimoto- Living in Setagaya, Tokyo- now showing at Courier

          All t-shirts and tote bags Made in Japan by CZAR and Ends and Means.

          Himmeli (straw mobile) by NONINOKO- Hayama, Japan

          We have a special group visiting this week from the Freedom University in Tokyo (not really a University, but a group of people interested in the ideas of Portland as a model city). This is partly behind True Portland, the guidebook that came out some months ago in Japan. For some time there has been gaining interest in Portlands craft scene (of course right? the reason everyone is moving here, and how we get our own tv series). We wanted to update our links above to be more easily understood for those that are visiting our site for the first time this week. In addition to Japan crafted goods on bar, a more permanent beverage ware arrived from Italy yesterday- new cups from Ancap, designed and made in Italy, then imported through Kentucky. The new cups are all white, and similar quality to the ACF cups, maybe even better. The espresso cups are now slightly smaller in volume (i get 1.9oz below the brim). The Cappuccino cups are 5oz instead of the previous 5.5oz, which we think will lead to a more delicious drink. Down the road we also have a 6oz cup, which is hard to tell from the 5oz, but this will allow us to choose if we want a subtle difference in size for americanos or lattes. And we still have a bigger latte cup. We are pretty excited.

          Thursday, August 7th, 2014

          a more clear and concise update

          Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

          We continue to roast coffee and wholesale it, biking it to the people of Portland from our Hawthorne workshop. Major additions to the roastery this summer have been one black and white printer, just amazing for billing people and we cannot recommend enough the hp 1102 w – lo tech and rad. Thanks to a carton of neon yellow paper falling off the delivery truck anyone who still gets paper invoices will receive them in brilliant yellow (because it was free).

          On the bar front our Traulsen freezer is trucking through its second summer without issue which is great because we really are blowing through ice. Cold Brew Coffee is now a huge part of daily work on bar. We have been using glass double quart jars for all our steeping and decanting and ever since Lamplighter Coffee visited us from Richmond Virginia we cant help but think there is a better way, and not just using a Filtron Pro (we use the regular filtron for now). You remember Lamplighter as in Half and Half Cafe star and Sprockettes Noelle. They are truly becoming a force in Virginia having grown significantly in the last four years. In the last two days we have been experimenting with steeping in 5 gallon Korny kegs, then siphoning into other vessels, and there is a lot wanting.

          On the phone we have heard from Keep Cups Australia (via LA) about their plastic coffee cups, and we are in deep thought on plastic travel cups, especially since the City of Portland can no longer find a way to compost compostable coffee cups. We are also ordering Ancap coffee ceramic cups to replace our aging FAC ceramic cups, both made in Italy, both way more expensive from the made in China Porcelain (because it is hard to support China in the same way that Ikea and everyone else does). Currently our paper cups still are made in Georgia from MONSANTO genetically modified plant lining (Way to go america). We are very interested in keeping it local and plant base and of course would rather pollute a first world country over a third. Practice what you preach? Honestly there are no great solutions for paper cups, hence thinking about the Australian made Polyethylene, vs recycleability, vs landfill vs etc.

          We thank everyone who has reached out to us, no matter the way, and would like to remind you all if you need to contact us the cell phone number is posted for joel, and via a text you can always get an email. and if that doesnt work at first please try again. We find being direct is always the best way. Thank you so much all of us at courier