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          Archive for June, 2014

          Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

          Sunday, June 1st, 2014

          Roastery Cargo Bike Update-

          The rear rim on our Eugene Oregon made longjohn style cargo bike is no longer safe. At three points the rim side facing the hub is pulling away, where you can actually see inside the rim. Long fissures are also starting to connect between the reinforced eyelets of our Salsa Gordo 36 hole rim. For safety reasons, and since we still need to deliver coffee we will be operating with a 36 hole Salsa Gordo laced to a Phil Kiss Off hub with a White Industries 18 Tooth Freewheel- no brakes. The time it takes to find a more robust rim and have it laced will determine when we are back running with rear brakes.

          We heard some good things about the Ryde Andra 30, and so will be calling around the city making inquiries later today. The single speed hub will be harvested off our Surly 1×1.