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          Archive for November, 2013

          Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

          Closed on Thanksgiving day. We are roasting and delivering Thursdays deliveries today. Our bar has been closed each Thanksgiving, and this will be our fourth since opening in 2010. Normally the day after is full of a little celebration. Tyler brings leftovers, and some interesting refreshments are made up, while whoever is working works the bar. We expect the initial few hours of our friday to be calm.

          News on the block downtown- Sizzle Pie is still working on opening their bar. The store adjacent to ours projects opening December, a pastry luncheonette entitled Maurice. Around the corner, next to Thai Peacock the juice bar almost looks like its running (it could be open now, and we have not been informed of a name, this is a very quiet opening?)

          Sunday, November 10th, 2013

          A container arrived October from Guillermo and Miguel Menendezes nine farms in El Salvador. We Purchased a very small amount of the new crop arrivals from two of the farms- Las Delicias, and Rosario Santa Barbara. The Las Delicias farm is organically certified, and the other not. However they grow organically on all of their farms. These coffees were shipped via boat directly into the Port of Portland, and are located at Costa Oro on 185th Airport Way. 900 pounds were delivered to Courier in a ’93 toyota corrolla- one trip. Really excited about these new crop arrivals.

          On the Guatemala front we are so pleased to be receiving another shipment of the June crop arrivals of Cafe Del Flor, and El Plantanillo- this we expect later in the week.

          We now have boiled eggs on bar from Greenville Farm- Forest Grove. The chickens run in a pasture. We boil them in water, then rinse with cold water. The shells are tenacious, we think because they are pasture raised, yet totally worth it. By the way, coffee and a boiled egg is a great breakfast.

          We will probably explain the photo later. But thats InCharri pointing the way.