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          Archive for August, 2013

          Monday, August 26th, 2013

          making coffee at roastery-using (deadstock) Hario TCA-5. Hand made cloth filter, using re purposed organic cotton. It has been some time since we lit a fire to make coffee, however this used to be the practice at Courier. The results turned out lovely. We bathed the cotton, before seasoning, and the first coffee came beautifully. This was today.

          Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

          Three years into our bar, we celebrated, having a meal together at Teote (super awesome, SE 12th and Clay). Past and present staff shared a meal of arepas and fried plantains, enjoying the patio.

          We had such a great time, no one took any photos.

          And this week our plates on bar are full with a new staff member- Dylan. We also have a ton of green coffee samples to roast and cup. On the bike front our hydraulic brakes are newly bled, and the action is crisp for the cargo bike. At the roastery we are working on a new manifest system for our deliveries, to make sure we have better communication amoungst ourselves about stocking. oh and lastly new mason jar cozies have arrived on bar.