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          Archive for July, 2013

          Sunday, July 28th, 2013

          Reception Thursday 6pm. lo-key. BT Livermore.


          Ceri (bar) now learning the brushing of forms, and whisking for Canelé. Everyone knows the batter,however to see the baking through is different.

          New espresso on bar- San Luis farm, Bourbon varietal, El Salvador June crop arrival.

          Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

          Its hard to even enter blog entries (coming from someone who kind of dreads the word blog). Little Red Bike Cafe was a huge inspiration, or Evan and Ali, now Los Angeles, now one of the best to break away to work on her book, now changing the face of Stumptown Coffee with his passion for people. I could say a lot about these two for the best (since thats everything), but for now i will just say they have a way of connecting with others, with promoting, and forming bridges.

          Lets run down everything at Courier.

          We have not hired yet. We have ten resumes and have interviewed two rad people, but kind of dread interviews and so have placed the resumes by our coffee each morning. Courier is kind of frozen in the summer. There is a dinning room table in southeast Portland piled with paper and undone work to prove this. Our neighbors called to say they saw some mice the other day coming from our yard (yard at home not at roastery), but the three owls in our backyard are so cute. Yesterday we found 5 dead bees. Three days ago the neighbors sprayed so much pesticide our lips went numb. So we have much to worry about. Instead of doing “real” work we replaced the brake lines on our bicycles, applied oil to our chains, and figured out how to keep our plants alive. As it turns out we found the slugs dont like coffee grounds. – life is stressful.

          Mike Cobb had coffee with us at the bar today. Mike founded the Disaster Relief Trials (which happened this past weekend). It was held in the OMSI parking lot and was one of the coolest gatherings of cargo bikes in the city. There were many bikes like our long john frame made by CAT in Eugene, and so many Bullet bikes- those sleek aluminum cargo frames made in the Netherlands. Today we rode one and it was super cool. We could talk bikes, and really have coffee all day.

          Back on bar we are still getting pasture raised chickens eggs from Forest Grove Oregon, and we have just started in on a 22 pound bucket of honey comb as we melt it down for our Canele. back on the east side Duane has just opened a new bakery “Roman Candle” which brings yet another Canele maker to the city of Portland- cool.

          Coffee is over, and new crop coffee is rolling in sharply. By Friday we will have a full turn over to all July crop arrivals, and even we are a little jolted. It is time to feel reminiscent about any coffee you loved at Courier and to embrace our summer crop arrivals. Come chat with us on the bar. all the best Courier coffee


          Friday, July 5th, 2013

          We play records at the bar, cassette tapes at the roastery. Most of the cassettes are Maxell Studio 60 minute medium bias w dolby type 2 (we dont use noise reduction). The studio quality basically means thicker tape with less stretch- so we hear. Many of the records we now play at bar were recorded onto tape so that we could enjoy in the dusty environment of the roastery. Pictured above was one of the first records we played after signing the lease to our coffee bar on Oak. We stripped the place down to its original Taco Del Mar paint job, and with only two electrical outlets left, we used one for a lunchbox turntable. Nas- Illmatic still has white paint splatter.

          There was a time we played cd’s (like most people), but we later learned they, or their player eventually failed much faster than analogue recordings. making the move to vinyle at our bar