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          Archive for June, 2013

          Thursday, June 20th, 2013

          We are hiring. Honestly, we have been hiring for a while. Shy about hiring friends. An amazing palette, someone who takes care of their tastebuds and is very sensative in that area, and someone who reads people and can work a bar well. There are bartenders, and then there are bartenders. It is wonderful when a person can figure out what is needed without having it being asked for. A resume is nice, my cell is on the main page. We at Courier work fast, and well together. Working well in a kitchen is a plus. Roasting coffee is a faint maybe, and people who can put a motorcycle together, or do fine metal work/bake/ work an oscilliscope and soldering iron will have a leg up. Would this person be very mindful of all things, and have a good eye…It would also help if our next hire was pre-med and enjoys bicycling in the rain. Hours potentially 35 a week. The reason for hiring- we want to grow from a group of seven to a group of eight.

          Lets (again) be honest. Working at Courier is nuts. We know how it looks but we would like to hire some one On-Top-Of-It.

          Our summer will be made mostly of dreams at Courier (our cargo bicycle already has one of the most badass braking mechanisms in the city of Portland (Saint dual piston). We have built more projects than we can handle alone and we hope to have the time to improve upon what we have started on Oak street and on Hawthorne.

          Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

          Courier gets noted in The Guardian, as one of Portlands top ten cultural hotspots. rad!

          Updates-the drum bearing on roaster seizes, bar fridge back online with new compressor. Our building at 923 SW Oak is switching from steam heat to heat pumps (which will cool and heat). Rhubarb and Hood-strawberries from Forest Grove Oregons Greenville farm (organic grown), now at our bar (as well as the eggs found in our Canele.

          It is now bike month in Portland. www.shift2bikes.org has your calendar. and bikeportland.org has coverage of all bike events. There are also many tourists in town still from the Rose Festival, and we have seen more car crashes in the last few days than in the last month- be careful and watch out everyone please. As always we have bike pumps and tools normally at our bar, and if anyone needs directions please stop by.