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          Archive for May, 2013

          Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

          new coffees on bar, and being biked across Portland. Everything arriving in the ports westcoast May.

          Mbinga district, Ruvuma, Tanzania 15 screen size.
          Kochere cooperative, kochere, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia.
          Giraldo Exotico de Altura cooperative, Antioquia district, Colombia.
          Rosario Farm, East side of Ipanema Apotec mtns. S of las Ranas, El Salvador- bourbon varietal

          The Rosario Farm coffee was purchased directly from the owners by us, they live in the NW now and import their coffee directly into the Port of Portland. We are using this for espresso

          Giraldo Exotico de Altura is a new crop, or a totally different lot from the same name that was on bar a month ago.

          Other notes- not coffee exactly. The Strawberries on bar currently are Seascape varietal from Groundworks Organic, junction city Oregon. Eggs in the Canele are from Greenville Farm, Forest Grove (chickens are fed oats and flax seed). – OH- and our bar fridge compressor is dead, meaning our fridge is useless until True USA decides to send us the part.

          Sunday, May 12th, 2013


          roasting coffee after dark at home- in the driveway. There is a growler of Gigantic beer just inside the back door, and between bouts of roasting we pick snails and slugs off our herb garden starts, that are now taking refuge from the rain. With hands covered with soot there are now seven Nancys Yogurt containers of coffee samples to cup and talk about pre-seven am.

          Our Milk tap system is going well, now all we need is a little breathing room and the actual tap heads. Are we the only ones outside of Scotland with Milk on tap?

          hand painted lettering at 923 Oak

          Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

          BT Livermore reconstructs our menu on the glass front of Courier, handpainting it in white lettering. The building front, housing our bar on Oak, also just got painted this past week. From green to slate grey.

          A legitimate commercial shop-vac resides at our bar (courtesy of Stark Vacuum). Unlike a Dyson, our commercial vacuum does espresso grounds and fiberglass without choking. Pre-emptive of a deep cleaning, the bar was taken apart, fridge removed, eleven hours of bar care on Sunday. And so there is a start to the improvements leading to our summer.